National Symphony Orchestra Arrives For Kentucky Residency

The National Symphony Orchestra has arrived in Louisville to kick off an eight-day Kentucky residency.

Residency Conductor Hugh Wolff  (right) says the 100 member ensemble’s itinerary includes six concerts.

“But that’s just the tip of the iceberg” he said. “There are 120 other musical events or outreach events involving the members of the orchestra, staff of the orchestra. So I think unprecedented in the interest the people of Kentucky have shown and the involvement of the musicians, I think everyone is excited.”

The events include visits to schools, chamber performances a public forum next week in Lexington on arts advocacy.

Some of the symphony orchestra’s musicians will play Friday with members of the Louisville Orchestra in a concert put together by Keep Louisville Symphonic. The show is not affiliated with either the National Symphony Orchestra or the Louisville Orchestra.   

The National Symphony Orchestra has conducted residencies in different states for each of the last 21 years.