Gender in Advertising

by Laura Ellis on February 17, 2011

STATE OF AFFAIRS 02/17/11:  Advertising is a mega-billion dollar industry and Americans are exposed to thousands of ads each year. It’s no surprise that companies engage in fierce competition to capture our attention. How does gender figure into this marketing tsunami? What effect do media representations have on both men & women’s self image and sense of worth? How do we become savvier to the sales pitch? We talk with author Jean Kilbourne about portrayals of gender stereotypes in advertising.

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Allen Howie February 17, 2011 at 1:40 pm

The problem with discussions like this is that they are always one-sided. There is never anyone from the ad agency side invited to attend and provide another perspective.

Perhaps more important, this discussion seems to assume that people are sheep who are easily influenced by everything they see. This assumes that accountability, parental responsibility, etc. are irrelevant to the discussion. It’s not a discussion, it’s a sermon, with advertising playing the role of the devil. That’s pretty broad-brush, stereotypical thinking for a show that’s usually very smart and objective in its tone and approach.

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