Mining Protesters To Spend Night At Governor’s Office

by Graham Shelby on February 11, 2011

More than a dozen protesters will be spending the weekend in the office of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.

They belong to an environmental group called Kentucky Rising that gathered in the governor’s office this morning to demand a meeting with the governor. Beshear met with the demonstrators, who voiced their objection to mountaintop removal mining and their concerns about the environmental damage caused by coal mining in eastern Kentucky.

In his State of the Commonwealth speech last week, Beshear called for the EPA to get off the backs of the state and the coal industry. One of the protesters, Jason Howard, objected to that.

“It’s not the EPA and the federal government that needs to get off your back. It’s the coal industry and your administration that needs to get off our backs,” said Howard.

Beshear didn’t offer to change his positions. The group decided to continue their protest in the governor’s office. They were prepared to be arrested at the end of the day on Friday.

Instead, the governor told them they can stay as long as they like. The group plans to stay through Monday when other environmental activists will gather in Frankfort for a rally as part of the I Love Mountains Day events.

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Andrew February 11, 2011 at 9:40 pm

I deeply support all of these brave and wise Kentuckians– they are the voices for many many more of us.

Vernon Haltom February 12, 2011 at 12:39 am

Mountaintop removal is an assault on Appalachian people’s lives, health, and communities, a monumental human rights violation in depriving us and our children of air to breathe and water to drink. Yet the news consistently distorts this truth, using the misrepresentative term “environmental” as if this were a dispute about minnows.

No more mountaintop removal for coal! February 13, 2011 at 2:56 am

Bisset is sadly deluded if he believes Kentuckians agree with having our countryside torn up, our environment ruined, and our water polluted by this greedy and filthy practice. NO one in Kentucky agrees with this except the greedy mafiosos who are making all the money doing it! Leave our mountains alone and quit poisoning us!!! We want solar panels and wind turbines in our homes, and are sick of being forced to submit to highway robbery to pay big energy monopolies for our electricity. Every Goliath can be brought to its knees someday. The good people of Kentucky mean business!

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