Meat Production & Politics

by Laura Ellis on February 9, 2011

STATE OF AFFAIRS 2/9/11: When we dig into a platter of ribs or finish off our chicken salad sandwich, most of us would rather not think about where it comes from. But the realities of meat production affect the economy of Kentucky & that of the nation. This Thursday we’ll talk about where our meat comes from, and what impact the U.S. Farm Bill has on big and small meat producers. Is the deck stacked against small farmers, or will they eventually control a bigger share of the market? Is humane, healthy, sustainable meat processing at odds with the economic realities of farming? Join us with your thoughts about the meat industry in Kentucky.

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Elizabeth Stith February 9, 2011 at 1:53 pm

There is a wonderful article in the current issue of Edible Louisville about visits the author made to three animal operations in Western Kentucky, Very enlightening information about how some farmers approach the care and feeding of animals.

Janise February 9, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Thank you for raising awareness on this critical topic – ultimately, the topic of our health and wellness. I have the good fortune of living near Bardstown Road Winter Market and purchase grass-finished meat, organic free-range chicken and their eggs directly from the devoted farmers. It is my privilege to support the kind of dedication that motivates these farmers to brave the elements of that outdoor market, and embrace the endless challenges of producing wholesome food.

Equally satisfying is a leisurely drive to Foxhollow Farm Store in Prospect. I was pleasantly surprised by all these resources – if only consumers were better informed!

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