KLC Not Likely To Be Involved In Louisville-Lexington-Brookings Plans

Restructuring is underway in the Kentucky League of Cities, and the organization’s director says the league remains relevant, despite changes.

The KLC receives dues from cities across the state in exchange for various services, including insurance and policy development. Recently, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced his plans to work with the Brookings Institution and the Lexington Government on a new financial plan for the city. A spokesperson for Fischer says there are no plans to involve the KLC in the project.

KLC executive director Jonathan Steiner says that doesn’t mean the league isn’t needed.

“I think that those institutions probably have a different, broader mission and focus. I’d have to talk to him to see exactly what types of programs he’s looking at and see if there’s things KLC can do for the city and if there’s things a national organization, for a city as large as Louisville…they might be getting some great services from them as well. There’s probably plenty of work to go around for all of us,” he says.

A Fischer spokesperson says Louisville mostly benefits from the KLC’s work in support of legislation in the General Assembly that will help cities. Steiner says he plans to meet with Fischer soon.