Fund A Story… Change Your Community

Story Exchange is a new, simple way to directly fund local news stories that matter to you. You can be a part of the first test for public radio!

How Does It Work?
It’s a simple model: a reporter, producer or writer proposes a story and makes a pitch. Each pitch includes a direct appeal to raise a certain amount of money. When the money is raised, the story gets completed, airs on WFPL, and posts to

Why Are We Trying This?
We think the combination of reporting and production talent, engaged audiences, promotion and reach can unleash new support for local journalism. That means better reporting, and increased service to the community.

Check Out The Stories Below
We’ve chosen a handful of stories of local importance. If one or more of the pitches resonates, support the story by giving $5 or $10 or more to support it. We’ll keep you updated as stories gain support, go into production, and are broadcast on WFPL.

What’s Next?
You’ll be able to pitch stories to us and your fellow citizens will be able to support them with contributions.

More Questions?
Read our FAQ

Story Exchange is a PRX crowd-funding project supported by the Knight News Challenge and a collaboration among PRX-The Public Radio Exchange, and Louisville Public Media.