Gamblers To Wager Billions On Super Bowl

The executive director of the Kentucky Council on Problem Gambling says Super Bowl Sunday is the single largest day of wagering in the U.S.

Mike Stone calls it the worst day of the year for people addicted to gambling. He says it’s sometimes referred to as the gambler’s New Year’s Eve, because that’s when many resolve to stop betting, after one last wager on the game.

“Super Bowl Sunday is the culmination of a lot of debts through the year, and they try to get well and get their money back through a big bet on the Super Bowl, it causes them to have those kinds of resolution statements and feelings of remorse,” he said.

Stone says it’s estimated that illegal betting alone on the Super Bowl tops $4 billion.

Stone says anyone needing help with a gambling problem can call 1-800-GAMBLER to talk to a trained counselor.