Sheriff’s Office Major Opposes Pseudoephedrine Legislation

by Gabe Bullard on February 3, 2011

Supporters and opponents of legislation meant to curb meth production in Kentucky rallied in Frankfort Thursday. The issue of how to fight meth has divided lawmakers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and law enforcement officials.

There are similar bills in the House and Senate. They would make cold medicines that contain the meth ingredient and decongestant pseudoephedrine, or PSE, available by prescription only.

Many law enforcement officers support the legislation, since it would make meth harder to manufacture. But Major Tony King with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department says prescription drugs are abused, too.

“Illicit drugs aside, prescription drugs are really one of our major headaches right now, if not the major one. We can’t control our prescription drugs we have under schedule now and we’re wanting to add another one to that list,” he says.

King is at odds with members of the Louisville Metro Police Department on the issue.

“I have a deep respect for those on the other side of the argument,” he says. “We’re all trying to accomplish this same purpose. We just have different beliefs on how we’re going to accomplish that.”

King says he would support making PSE prescription-only if the method of tracking prescription drugs in Kentucky were improved. Over the counter PSE purchases are currently tracked in the commonwealth, but the new legislation would end that practice.

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Charles Queen,Somerset,KY February 3, 2011 at 6:10 pm

If they really wanted to stop the majority of meth users not to mention those using prescription pain meds which has taken over even the meth production here then they need to legalize marijuana.It is pretty much totaly harmless to use,causes no deahts,provides many jobs and tax revenuse would take care of all of the states many financial owes with money left over as well.It is the perfect and most logical fix-it for the states financial woes and also the states hard drug problems too

Paul Andry February 4, 2011 at 5:47 pm

The truth about the division in law enforcement is that several current and former police officers have a vested interest in seeing the current ineffective tracking system stay in place because they are making money from it. You are hearing the truth from the officers who are clan lab certified and are spending there nights in these terrible places and watching the children and families that are suffering. The current system has done nothing to slow the manufacture of meth and in fact if helped create a huge black market making a box of Pseudo worth fifty to a hundred dollars. This fact alone has pulled once innocent people into the meth manufacture game. Mr. King is making a ridiculous argument regarding the current prescription situation. Does he think the oxycontin problem would get better if we let people just sign for it! The fact is the tracking is not helping and in states where scheduling has been established, a significant reduction in labs has been the result. I applaud the medical professionals and the political representatives who have made a stand despite the fact that the retailers and tracking people have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobby against this legislation. The reality is that they would not be spending the money if they were not making alot of money. They may as well stand on the corner and sell meth as to make millions from the sale of pseudo when they know full well that much if not most of it is going to illicit meth production. Eventually this will pass probably after an explosion kills an innocent family or several police officers. There is already enough blood and destruction that can be laid at that doorstep and it is time to stop it.

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