LG&E Crews Sent To Ohio After Storm

More than 100 Louisville Gas and Electric contractors and line workers are in Ohio helping restore power.

The crews were sent to Cincinnati and Dayton Wednesday, where this week’s winter storm was more destructive than it was in Louisville. Spokesperson Brian Phillips says most of LG&E’s crews, however, will remain in Kentucky.

“We have several hundred workers around our service area here—locally and around the 90 counties that we serve in Kentucky,” he says. “So we have more than enough resources here to deal with any type of emergencies that might come up.”

Hundreds of LG&E customers lost power after the storm Wednesday. Phillips says their electricity has been restored.

The workers in Ohio will be paid by the utilities they are working for—Duke Energy and Dayton Power and Light. Both utilities sent crews to Kentucky after the 2009 ice storm.