First Lady Beshear Speaks In Favor Of Graduation Bill

by Tony McVeigh on February 3, 2011

Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear continues her crusade to raise the state’s drop out age from 16 to 18. She implored the House Education Committee Wednesday to approve the so-called Graduation Bill, which passed the House last year, but died in the Senate.

Mrs. Beshear says the current law hasn’t changed since 1934.

“In 1934, many of our students left school to go to the farms or go into the mines. Today, you can’t work on a farm or work in the mines without some education. As a matter of fact, you can’t even join the military unless you have a high school diploma,” she said.

The committee approved the bill 20-3, with Republican Representatives Bill Farmer, Jim DeCesare and Ben Waide voting no. The measure now awaits a House floor vote.

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