Group Hopeful Prize Money Will Go Toward Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion

by Gabe Bullard on February 2, 2011

Representatives from Reader’s Digest Wednesday presented Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s office with a $1,000 dollar check that could go toward preserving the Hogan’s Fountain Pavillion in Cherokee Park.

A group dedicated to preserving the structure—often called the teepee—petitioned Reader’s Digest for the money as part of a contest the magazine was holding to fund community projects. The 46-year-old pavillion is not part of the Metro Parks master plan, but the group is dedicated to raising $80 thousand to repair and keep the pavilion. They’ve raised about $5,000 so far.

Fischer chief of community building Sadiqa Reynolds says the city isn’t opposed to the efforts.

“We appreciate the efforts of the citizens in Jefferson County and Louisville I mean it’s just exciting that they care enough to even go to the trouble,” she says.

The mayor has final say whether the money will go toward the pavilion or not. Louisville is still in the running to win $10,000 in the contest, and Reynolds says the mayor will decide where the money goes when the contest ends on Monday.

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Tammy Madigan February 2, 2011 at 5:45 pm

The Save The Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion in Cherokee Park was advised by Metro Parks Director, Mike Heitz, that if our group could raise funds, privately, to restore the pavilion, it would not be replaced at this time. Our group has been working pretty hard over the last (nearly) two months and it would be a real shame if these funds were not allocated towards the restoration. We certainly hope the Mayor will not hinder our ability to raise the funds necessary to help our city restore this magnificent historical masterpiece.

Lark Phillips February 2, 2011 at 6:24 pm

Our group, Save the Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion, is so thankful that WFPL has covered this story. Entering the Reader’s Digest contest has been one of the methods we have employed in following the direction of the head of Metro Parks, who issued a press release last June stating: “if there is community desire for retaining and renovating this structure, and if the community is willing to raise private funds for the renovation, we will not take action to replace the structure.”

It would be completely unfair at this point for Mayor Fischer not to allow us to have the funds we have been working so hard to raise. It’s not easy getting hundreds of people to vote online every day for two months, but we have consistently rooted them on and Louisville has gotten to this point in the contest only because of our efforts. Save the TeePee!

Beth Hafling February 2, 2011 at 9:33 pm

I know a lot of people who will be heart broken if that money is allocated to anything other than the Pavilion. They’ve been “cheering” their little hearts out trying to bring that money to the Teepee. Just look on the Reader’s Digest site. The vast majority of comments made thus far are in direct support of the Teepee restoration. Reader’s Digest wouldn’t even know about Louisville if it weren’t for the Teepee supporters.

I have written the Mayor a letter suggesting that he turn over the check to:

Save Hogan’s Pavilion
2104 Plantside Drive
Louisville, KY 40299

(Administered by Adam Matthews Foundation – a 501c3 nonprofit foundation)

II encourage any of you who have an opinion on this issue to write the Mayor as well. It’s super easy. Click at the top on Mayor Fischer then on Contact the Mayor.@

In hopes that I needn’t go on about the squeaky wheel or the more bees with honey thing.

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