Storm Delays In Other Cities Hold Flights At Louisville Airport

Several flights at the Louisville International Airport have been delayed or cancelled due to winter weather. (Click here to see cancellations and delays)

The storm moving across the country is causing cancellations at many airports in the midwest, and flights in and out of Louisville have been delayed due to problems in other cities.

Louisville is not an air hub, and airport spokesperson Trish Burke says that greatly reduces any local difficulties.┬áBurke says some passengers will be stranded in Louisville, but the delays won’t put much extra burden on airport workers.

“Our role becomes much more of communication and trying to help the passengers communicate with the airlines and their families,” she says.

Burke says the airlines handle most of the issues surrounding delays at other airports. If flights are cancelled or delayed, Burke says the airport will adjust its hours to serve travelers.

Graham Shelby contributed to this report.