General Assembly Session Resumes

by Tony McVeigh on February 1, 2011

Following a three week recess, the 2011 session of the Kentucky General Assembly is again underway in Frankfort.

The House convened first, several hours before the Senate, but both chambers are basically biding their time until Tuesday’s State of the Commonwealth address. House Speaker Greg Stumbo believes the governor will sound an optimistic tone.

“We are seeing signs that the economy is improving and rebounding, so I think the governor will be cautiously optimistic and hopeful,” he says. “You know, I think it’s the ebb and flow of legislation.  And no, I think those bills are very much alive for the most part, but not in the current form that they’re in perhaps.”

Asked whether the Senate Republican agenda, approved in early January has any chance of passage in the House, Speaker Stumbo wasn’t ready to declare the bills dead, but made it clear they likely face drastic revision. Among the issues addressed in the package are immigration enforcement, tax reform, charter schools and government transparency.

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