Lottery Officials Hope To Overcome Sales Dip With New Game

by Gabe Bullard on January 31, 2011

by Sheila Ash

Kentucky Lottery officials are hoping to generate a boost in sales with a new game.

Lottery sales dropped nearly $15 million in the first half of the fiscal year, with $375 million collected. The new game—called Decades of Dollars–is estimated to generate $300 thousand in sales per week.

Spokesperson Sara Westerman says the game follows calls for higher jackpots.

“[It’s] $250 thousand a year for 30 years,” she says. “This game is a multi-state game so currently it’s being played with Virginia and Georgia.”

Decades of Dollars replaces the Lottery’s Win for Life game

Kentucky Lottery Proceeds pay for college scholarships, grants and literacy programs.

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CASHonly February 2, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Decades of Dollars is not perfect, but it is a major improvement over LOSE for Life if for no other reason than LOSE for Life never offering a cash option. Georgia also has seen the light. Why Virginia is keeping LOSE for Life going I don’t know. Recently I e-mailed the VA Lottery a suggestion for adding a cash option to LfL. With all the uncertainty in the world, why would anybody want to play for annuity payments? Buying a LOSE for Life ticket not only was a gamble with someone’s money, but also a gamble on how much longer they live.

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