Meth Bills Draw Opponents In General Assembly

by Tony McVeigh on January 27, 2011

Kentucky lawmakers return to Frankfort next week, and opponents are already lining up to fight a pair of prescription drug bills awaiting legislative action.

Pseudoephedrine, which is found in most over-the-counter cold and allergy medicines, is a key ingredient in illegally manufactured methamphetamine. And with the number of meth labs exploding in Kentucky, two bills requiring prescriptions for medicines containing pseudoephedrine have been introduced in Frankfort. The Kentucky Medical Association favors prescription requirements, but its former President, Dr. Donald Neel, does not.

“With the increasing costs of medical care it’ll cost from $60 to $100 for a patient to come in to get a prescription for a pseudoephedrine product that they’re used to self-medicating with, and it’s been perfectly well accepted all of this time,” he says.

The bills, sponsored by Rep. Linda Belcher and Sen. Tom Jensen, are awaiting action in the House and Senate Judiciary committees. The 2011 legislative session, currently in recess, resumes next Tuesday.

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Debbi Wittig January 28, 2011 at 5:05 pm

For those Kentuckians who are EMPLOYED and uninsured (you know-making $7.25 an hour),paying for rent,utilities,childcare,groceries,maintaining the clunker(the only car they can afford),car insurance,gas,and the dry goods needed every month(ex: toilet paper,diapers,shampoo,soap,etc.) having to go to the laundry because a washer and dryer are out of the question. You Politicians are so far from the real world that it doesn’t even dawn on you that a full forty hour week ( GROSS pay for 4.5 weeks is only $1350 a month) will not cover your expenses unless you are single with zero children. And even then; forget dating- because if you noticed Clothing isn’t included in your budget. Now think about those who are unemployed AND uninsured. We- the poor folk of Kentucky – use every means possible to cure ourselves OTC because a visit to the doctor means something doesn’t get paid, Or you lose a job because you are VISIBLY too sick to come to work and serve YOU your blasted meal. FIND ANOTHER WAY TO TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM !!! (And because I am a civil person most of the time- I’ll end it there)

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