Lottery Installs New Terminals At Retail Sites

By Sheila Ash

New terminals will soon be in place at all Kentucky Lottery retailers. Officials say they provide smoother and safer transactions for players.  

There are two components of the new system. One is a stand-alone ticket checking device that allows players to see if they’ve won and how much they’ve won before giving their ticket to a store clerk.

Kentucky Lottery President Arch Gleason says there is also a new LCD monitor the customer can see when they cash in their tickets.

“To display messages about our games about the lottery and its programs about the scholarship program that benefits from the lottery. Players can also visually see when a ticket is validated whether it’s a winner or not,” he said.

Gleason says the new touch-screen terminals also make it easier and faster for the store clerk to process tickets.

The new equipment will be in all 2,800 retailers throughout the state by the end of the month.