Berman Discusses JCTA Request To Retain Him

by Rick Howlett on January 14, 2011

By Sheila Ash

The Jefferson County Teachers Association voted this week to ask the school board to extend Superintendent Sheldon Berman’s contract instead of letting it expire June 30.

The school board voted 5 to 2 last November against renewing Berman’s contract.

Berman said Friday he’s received a lot of support from people in the community.

“A lot of people have come up to me and felt that we have been doing a very good job and built a strong foundation and I happen to believe that over the last three and a half years we have built a very strong foundation. We’ve taken the district in sort of a towards a profoundly different and deeper level of learning and deeper level of instruction and I’m very pleased with the work that we’ve done,” he said.

The issue would need to be brought up by the school board. According to the Courier-Journal, the majority of the school board’s members say they would not change their decision.

Berman says if the board reversed its decision he would consider continuing to lead the district.

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Cathy Barnard January 18, 2011 at 1:57 pm

As a former student of the Jefferson County Schools, a former teacher in the Jefferson County schools, a Principal in two surrounding school districts, I am glad to have the opportunity to weigh in on the Board vote of non-renewal for Dr. Berman’s contract. First of all, this vote was out of character for any Jefferson County Board of Education. We always think twice and act once. In this instance, it feels that the thinking piece was not in place. We work with people, tell them what areas they need to improve and give them the opportunity and resources to make it happen. This was a very bad decision handled in a very bad way.

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