New Procedures For Indiana License Plate Renewals

By Sheila Ash

A new license plate renewal system is now in effect in Indiana. Residents will now receive license plates or renewal stickers by mail only. Drivers can apply for renewals on-line, by mail or phone.

Dennis Rosebrough with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles says customers can still apply in person if they prefer.

“They also may go to a branch and make a payment there however, they will not walk out a sticker or a license plate those will be mailed from a central location,” he said.

Rosebrough says for most people there will be no major change because they’ve already been receiving their license plates and renewal stickers by mail.

He says plates and stickers will be mailed within 10 days.

In addition, Rosebrough says the centralized distribution will save money and make it easier to keep records updated.

Kentucky drivers can still renew their license plates at motor vehicle branches as well as online or by mail.