GOP To Have Smallest Caucus Yet In Metro Council

Last year’s elections gave Republicans their smallest minority yet in the Louisville Metro Council.

The minority caucus has nine members. The Democratic majority has 17. Republican Ken Fleming says he doesn’t think his party will be marginalized, and the caucus will continue to work across the aisle on key issues.

“We want to continue looking at increasing the transparency of government options,” he says. “We want to make sure that ethics are held and make sure a tip line is fully utilized.”

Fleming says he’s also looking forward to working with the new mayor.

“One thing he mentioned was looking at performance reviews and performance audits and that’s something we’d like to see him do because we pushed that on many occasions,” he says.

Other members have pointed out that Mayor Greg Fischer has taken some steps to reach out the council. That’s a slight departure, they say, from Mayor Abramson.