For Many, New Year Brings Resolve To Live Better

For many people, the arrival of a new year includes a pledge to improve their lives—a resolution to lose weight, get out of debt or quit smoking.

Louisville-based life coach Stacy Vicari says she doesn’t recommend making firm New Year’s resolutions because they’re often unrealistic. Instead, she suggests
taking small steps to the desired result.

“I think people say ‘I want to lose 30 pounds’ instead of looking at what caused them to gain the 30 pounds, and then look that those foods and say ‘Okay, I’m going to work on not eating snack foods as much.’ Or ‘I’m just going to cut potato chips out.’ To me, it’s easier for a person to cut potato chips out and eat popcorn instead, and not think of losing 25 pounds in two months,” she said.

Other common resolutions include spending more time with friends and family, getting better organized and learning something new.