Officials Unveil New Subpoena System

By Sheila Ash

A new program aimed at improving the process of issuing subpoenas and other court notifications in Jefferson County was unveiled Monday.

Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert White says the e-subpoena system will also increase the likelihood that a police officer will attend a requested court appearance.

“The officers are gonna get immediately notified when they get a subpoena, which has been a problem in the past. And if they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do their supervisor gets immediately notified. And by the way even if the officer does what he or she is supposed to do, the supervisor still has the ability to review this,” he said.

The system also includes software that allows officers’ schedules to be viewed to check for conflicts.

The e-subpoena system is funded with a $480,000 federal stimulus grant.

LMPD’s component of the program will be the first to be implemented in January. The next phases, involving other law enforcement agencies and civilian subpoenas, will follow.