New Effort For Sunday Alcohol Sales To Be Launched In Indiana

The Indiana General Assembly will convene next month, and among the first bills introduced will be a measure to lift restrictions on alcohol sales. Some lawmakers and retailers are making yet another attempt at easing regulations.

Early in the session, State Senator Phil Boots will introduce a bill that would allow retailers to sell alcohol on Sundays. It would also allow them to sell cold beer, which only liquor stores are currently able to do.

A similar effort died in the Senate in this year’s session. But the 2011 session is longer, and Indiana Retail Council president Grant Monahan says he thinks the bill could pass.

“We’ve talked to many legislators,” he says. “Some are still considering it. Some support the package completely. Others say ‘I support Sunday sales but I’m not sure where I am on cold beer,’ or vice versa.”

Monahan is also president of the Alliance of Responsible Alcohol Retailers. Many liquor store owners oppose the bill. They say it would unfairly increase competition for alcohol sales.