Louisville Gas Prices Surpass $3.00/Gallon

by Rick Howlett on December 23, 2010

By Graham Shelby

Gas prices are up in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in Louisville is $3.05 per gallon. The statewide average is about $2.99. That’s about fifty cents higher than the average cost a year ago.

Triple-A spokesperson Roger Boyd says the increase is due to many factors.

“First of all, forecasts, we’ve already seen a very cold winter. Obviously, that affects the market that affects gas prices. But then there’s also price per barrel, which is over ninety dollars a barrel, additionally inventories are a little bit low, so a number of issues going in,” he said.

Boyd says the price increase, though frustrating to motorists, is within the normal range for this time of year.

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