Health Literacy Group Plans 2011 Summit

by Rick Howlett on December 22, 2010

By Sheila Ash

The newly formed organization Health Literacy Kentucky, or HLK, says it wants everyone across the state to have convenient access to basic health information that’s easy to understand.

HLK was launched during the first annual literacy summit held in Louisville earlier this year. The organization consists of representatives from healthcare, education, insurance, government and other groups.

Charles Jackson with Louisville based-Humana says everyone needs to be aware of the health literacy problem.

“Another clue is of course in the waiting room the staff it’s not just the doctor if staff notice that if someone is taking five or ten minutes to fill out a form that’s a very good indication that they have a real reading challenge. And so it’s being alert to all of those cues. And it’s a two way approach to health literacy, a team approach where everybody’s trying to work together for the benefit of the consumer,” he said.

Jackson says the organization also works with various ethnic community centers to help those with language barriers to better understand health information.

The Second Annual Kentucky Literacy Summit will be in Bowling Green March 24 – 25.

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J.A.Miller December 23, 2010 at 1:07 pm

Health problems in Kentucky are directly related to environmental problems which are often the consequence of being too tied to an inadequately regulated coal industry.

We need to look at the global picture. When all the coal is gone and the mountains are destroyed, when the streams are all toxic and the remaining people who live near them are sick who will fix the damage? Mitch McConnell?

Check this out and draw your own conclusions:

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