Snowfall To Decline, Freezing Rain Possible For Wednesday

Significant snowfall in Louisville is unlikely for the rest of the week, but freezing rain is still a possibility.

National Weather Service meteorologist Angie Lese is tracking a weather system coming from the south. She says it should reach Louisville on Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s going to pull in some gulf moisture and warmer air from the south, but not necessarily at the surface,” she says. It’s going to bring that moisture and the warmer air aloft and unfortunately that’s a good setup for a wintry mix, maybe some freezing rain and sleet mixed in there.”

Lese says it’s also possible the system will move further north and bring only rain to the area.

“A 20-30 mile difference in the track of the low will mean a significant change in the precipitation types. So there is still some uncertainty. But someone in the lower Ohio Valley, the Tennessee Valley is going to get a freezing rain, sleet event,” she says.

Temperatures will remain in the 20s and low 30s for the rest of the week.