Forum Panel Discusses Bullying

By Sheila Ash

The Louisville Forum today hosted a panel discussion on the subject of bullying in schools, on-line and at work. The panel included representatives from secondary and post secondary schools.

Paul Lenzi, Executive Director of the Blue Apple Players, which has produced several plays focusing on the subject, says bullying is different these days because of technology.

“It’s the internet, it’s the cell phone it’s the fact that when we used to be bullied you were bullied in front of a small group of people and then you’d go home and you could get away from it. Today it never leaves you alone it’s on your phone, it’s on the internet, it’s everywhere you look,” he said.

Tom Robbins, Director of Counseling with the Archdiocese of Louisville says parents need to closely monitor their children’s social networking sites.

Robbins says he believes bullying will be the next big public health concern due to the mental health effects it can have on people, particularly students.