League Of Women Voters To Look Back At 90 Years Of Advocacy

The Louisville League of Women Voters will celebrate its 90th anniversary Monday, and members will look back at how the league grew into a force for advocacy in the area.

The Louisville chapter was among the first assembled in 1920, when the national League of Women Voters was formed. Women had just been given the right to vote that year.

The league’s goals soon expanded, and over the years the Louisville chapter took stances on issues ranging from sanitation to desegregation to government merger. This year, the chapter sponsored debates involving candidates for local office. President Beverly Moore says such forums signal the next direction for the chapter.

“I see the league actually filling a greatly-needed niche in this society of being the place where people can go to practice civil discourse,” she says.

Moore says the league will also continue to advocate for diversity in Jefferson County Public Schools as well as the restoration of released felons’ voting rights.

The anniversary celebration will be held at 6pm at Lang House on Ewing Avenue.