Religious Theme Park Planned For Northern Kentucky

by Tony McVeigh on December 1, 2010

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is defending using tax dollars to provide economic incentives for a proposed theme park with a religious theme.  Beshear says the state will provide tax breaks for the park, called Ark Encounter, to be built on 800 acres in Grant County.

“We have reviewed this from a legal standpoint and the application complies with our laws.  There is nothing even remotely unconstitutional about a for-profit organization coming in and investing a $150 million to create jobs in Kentucky and bring tourism to Kentucky.”

The park, which will include a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark, is being developed by the same organization behind the Creation Museum in Petersburg.  The park is expected to open in the spring of 2014.

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Eric Kemple December 1, 2010 at 12:48 pm

If it creates jobs, that’s great! People go to theme parks, in part, to escape from reality, anyway. This one would be no different, since it’s fantasy based, too. Although the Warner Bros. characters we’re a bit funnier than the ones in the old testament; that particular god was one ornery cuss.

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