Baseball, Softball Instructional Event Set For January

Two Louisville companies are joining forces to create a winter education and development conference for amateur baseball and softball players, coaches and parents.

The conference, called BaseballCON and SoftballCON, will have common general sessions, but there will be breakout sessions specific to each sport.

Participants will get instruction from active and retired players and coaches, including former pro softball player India Chiles.

“My goal for being part of the SoftballCON, is that hopefully we can get some of our local players in the state and these outreaching states to reach their potential just like I was able to do,” she said.      

Also offering instruction will be retired major league baseball player Chris Burke (pictured) and University of Louisville baseball coach Dan McDonnell. 

The conference will be staged by the event company JAM Brands in partnership with Louisville Slugger.