New Workers May Be Hired When Historical Sites Re-Open

In about three weeks, the Kentucky Historical Society will close three historic sites in Frankfort.

Budget and staff cuts have caused the society’s curators to fall behind on their work. The society hasn’t had enough money to either keep employees on staff or hire new workers. That’s left curators answering phones and doing other tasks that aren’t in their job descriptions.

The Center for Kentucky History, the Old State Capitol and the Kentucky Military History Museum will be closed to the public from December 12th through March 11th so the curators can catch up on their work.

Spokesperson Lisa Cleveland says when the sites re-open, the curators will likely be able to remain focused on their primary jobs.

“We’re hoping to hire part-time or interim positions starting in March, so we can then use those people to cover our public desks, plus volunteers,” she says.

The sites will open temporarily on January 8th and February 12th. Large groups may also tour the sites if they give the society advance notice.