Buthod Optimistic About His Future In Louisville

Despite having been a finalist for a job in Tulsa, library director Craig Buthod says he’s happy in Louisville and plans to stay in the city for the foreseeable future.

Buthod applied for a job in his hometown of Tulsa last month. On Thursday, he withdrew his application. He says he enjoys living in Louisville and he’s looking forward to working on new library projects.

“Besides restoring the main library, which is about 75% complete, we’ve also got a new library coming up in Fairdale, a major library project at Shawnee where we’ll double the size of the existing library and we’re starting work on designing the new southwest regional library,” he says.

The library director’s post is a mayoral appointment.┬áButhod says the fact that he has family in Tulsa was the main reason he applied for the job, but the possibility of not being re-appointed by the next was also a factor.

“Any time going into an election you don’t know who your next boss is going to be or if you’re even going to be invited to stay, and the library director needs to look out for the long-term future of the library and not be subject to whatever happens every four years when there’s a new election,” he says.

Buthod says he’s talked with Mayor-Elect Greg Fischer and is optimistic about his future as library director in Louisville.