Williams Has Doubts About Beshear Medicaid Plan

by Tony McVeigh on November 16, 2010

Kentucky Senate President David Williams is unimpressed with the Medicaid budget-balancing plan unveiled Monday by Gov. Steve Beshear.  Williams questions why the governor is so confident more managed care programs will save taxpayer dollars. 

“It’s unbelievable to me that if they really believe that these measures would have saved taxpayers money and improve the quality of care at the same time, that in the three years that he’s been in office that this governor has not implemented those programs.  It’s unbelievable,” he said.

Williams, who’s running for governor next year, also questions Beshear’s desire to move second year Medicaid funding to the current fiscal year to cover a $142 million Medicaid shortfall. 

The governor says managed care savings will fund Medicaid in 2012.  Williams says the governor is just moving money around to avoid addressing funding problems before next year’s election. 

Beshear says the budget supported by Williams created the deficit, and if Williams has other ideas for filling it, “we would be glad to entertain them.”

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