Water Works Board Approves Budget, Rate Hike

By Sheila Ash

New water mains, storage facilities and renovations to the 100 year old Crescent Hill Filtration Plant are all part of the 2011 budget approved Tuesday by the Louisville Water Company’s Board of Water Works.

Spokesperson Kelly Dearing-Smith says customers will see a slight increase in their water bill.

“In the beginning we were looking at a rate increase between four, four-and-a-half percent. Our board and Metro Council asked us to really look at our spending, look at our expenses and see what we could do to trim back. And we went back to the table and we’re real happy that we were able to do a 3.75 percent rate increase,” she said.

She also says the board increased funding to its Customer Assistance Program to help customers with financial hardships pay their bills.

The rate increase goes into effect January 1.