Area Group To Place Flags For Veterans In 28 States

Louisville-based Flags4Vets will oversee the placement of more than 100 thousand flags on veterans’ graves Saturday.

This is Flags4Vets’ fourth Veterans Day flag-placing. The organization started in 2006 in Louisville, but has expanded to 28 states.¬†Locally, the ceremony will begin at 11:00 am. Volunteers are welcome to help distribute seven thousand flags in the Cave Hill veterans’ area.¬†Director Fred Moore says the ceremony will be preceded by a two-mile walk through the cemetery.

“But it isn’t free,” he says. “It’s a $20 paid event because that’s where we get the money to buy flags. We have walks and runs across the country that are actually the primary source of funding for the flags.”

The flag-placing, however, is free. Moore says he hopes to one day raise enough money to place flags on the millions of veterans’ graves around the world.