Indian Head Rock Returned To Kentucky

By Brenna Angel, Kentucky Public Radio

The Indian Head Rock is back home in Kentucky. The eight ton boulder was pulled from the Ohio River in northeastern Kentucky three years ago, starting a saga that caught national attention.

“There was a group of fellas from over in the Portsmouth area who just took it upon themselves to dig this thing, they’ve studied about it and got it out of the river. Made a big deal about it and come to find out it’s an artifact and it shouldn’t have been removed to start with,” said Greenup County, Kentucky Judge-Executive Robert Carpenter.

The Ohio men who led the expedition to remove the rock were Steven Shaffer and David Vetter. The Commonwealth of Kentucky sued, and an agreement was eventually reached to return the Indian Head Rock to the other side of the river in Greenup County.

“I think it could be a great tourist attraction,” Carpenter said. “It’s very neat to look at it. I’ve went and looked at it a couple times, and it’s got a lot of interesting things to look at.”

Carpenter says the rock won’t be placed back in the river. He plans to appoint a committee next week to decide on a permanent location.

(Photo from the New York Times)