Paul Defeats Conway In Senate Race

Republican Rand Paul has ridden Tea Party support and strong criticism of President
Barack Obama to victory in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race.

Paul defeated Democrat Jack Conway in Tuesday’s election.

Paul, a Bowling Green eye doctor and son of Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul, went on the attack during the campaign against the federal health care overhaul, stimulus plans and the budget deficit, repeating his call for smaller government during his victory speech.

“Thomas Jefferson wrote that ‘government is best that governs least; likewise freedom is best when enjoyed by the most'” he said.

A disappointed Conway told reporters he’ll get right back to work at the Capitol this week.

“I have the opportunity to run for re-election as attorney general. I’ll be back in the office, doing some of the stuff i love in the office of attorney general,” Conway said after his concession speech.

Conway said he doesn’t regret airing a controversial ad late in the campaign that drew criticism from both ends of the political spectrum.