Polls Fluctuate, Endorsements Vary In Mayor’s Race

Fourteen months of campaigning will come to an end Tuesday as Louisvillians elect a new mayor.

Two active candidates remain in the race: Democrat Greg Fischer and Republican Hal Heiner. Polls of the contest have fluctuated. At first, the race appeared to be tied, then Fischer gained increasingly wide leads. Last week, a Bluegrass Poll showed a reversal, with Heiner leading by seven points.

The last days of the campaigns have been shaped by endorsements. Independent candidate Jackie Green’s decision to drop out and support Fischer prompted a legal complaint from the state Republican Party. Meanwhile, Heiner’s record of opposition to the Fairness Ordinance has made him the target of ads from the Fairness Campaign, which has endorsed Fischer.

Aside from Green, Fischer has also been endorsed by Metro Councilmen and former Democratic mayoral candidates David Tandy and Jim King. Former Democratic candidates Tyler Allen, Shannon White and Lisa Moxley and former Republican candidate Chris Thieneman have endorsed Heiner.