Storms Did Little To Relieve Drought

Last week’s storms did not provide much relief from a drought affecting much of west and north-central Kentucky.

Many counties have not had much rainfall this season. In Louisville, precipitation levels are more than four inches below average for September and October. National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Schoettmer says storms like the ones that swept through the area Tuesday are not beneficial during droughts.

“To break the drought, we’re not looking for big rainfalls that come all at once,” he says. “We’re looking for steady, soaking rains that have time to actually soak into the ground. Whereas, if you get a hard rain like we had with the line of storms this past week, some of that runs off real quick because it falls so fast.”

Schoettmer says the La NiƱa system will likely make for a warm and wet winter in Louisville and much of Kentucky and relieve the drought.