Heiner Asks Fischer To Release Documents On Green Endorsement

by Gabe Bullard on October 18, 2010

Republican candidate for mayor Hal Heiner is accusing Democratic rival Greg Fischer of trading a government department for a political endorsement. Heiner’s accusations come after independent Jackie Green withdrew from the race last week to endorse Fischer.

Before he announced his endorsement, Green told WFPL he wanted to help Fischer create the proposed office of sustainability in Metro Government. Heiner says Fischer only secured Green’s endorsement by offering him a role in the administration.

“Jackie Green asked for influence over a Metro agency, received assurance, and then he endorsed,” says Heiner. “That’s called quid pro quo, and there’s no room for it in this race or anywhere in government.”

Heiner wants Fischer and Green to release any documents the two traded before the endorsement. The Fischer campaign calls Heiner’s complaint “sour grapes.” They say Green was not offered a job, but he will help advise Fischer, if Fischer wins the election.

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Mark October 18, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Looks like Fischer may have broken state law.

“121.055 Candidates prohibited from making expenditure, loan, promise, agreement or contract as to action when elected, in consideration for vote……

…..No such candidate shall promise, agree or make a contract with any person to vote for or support any particular individual, thing or measure, in consideration for the vote or the financial or moral support of that person in any election, primary or nominating convention, and no person shall require that any candidate make such a promise, agreement or contract.”

Looks pretty clear to me that the law may have been broken.

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