Green Drops Out Of Race, Endorses Fischer

by Gabe Bullard on October 15, 2010


Independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green has endorsed Democrat Greg Fischer in the mayor’s race.

Green previously told WFPL he would drop out and endorse Fischer if Fischer promised to, if elected, create and give “real power” the Metro Government Office of Sustainability and consult with the Green campaign staff before appointing a director. In a statement, Fischer says he will “consult with Green to provide significant input to help structure that office.”

In response to the endorsement, Republican candidate Hal Heiner’s campaign manager Joe Burgan says “If Greg Fischer has such poor judgment that he believes it’s acceptable to sell a city department of government in exchange for a political endorsement he is clearly unfit to be mayor.”

From the Fischer campaign:
Saying that Greg Fischer is the best candidate to lead Louisville into the future, leading Independent candidate Jackie Green announced today that he’s withdrawing from the mayor’s race and endorsing Fischer.

“Fischer’s vision for a sustainable Louisville represents our community’s best chance to improve our environment, support renewable energy and improve public transportation,” Green said.

Fischer welcomes Green’s endorsement, saying he brought important issues to light in the mayor’s race.

“Jackie represents an important and growing voice in our community. I appreciate his support, and I look forward to his continued input,” Fischer said. “I want to establish Louisville as one of America’s greenest cities and Jackie Green – and his many passionate supporters — can help with that vision.”

Fischer has announced plans to create the Office of Sustainability, a Cabinet-level department that reports directly to the mayor and works to make Louisville a greener city. Fischer said he will consult with Green to provide significant input to help structure that office.

“Green can bring a very valuable perspective to the office,” Fischer said.

Previously on WFPL:

Independent mayoral candidate Jackie Green says he could drop out of the race.

Green says he’s met with Democratic candidate Greg Fischer twice in the last week. Green says if the Fischer campaign could meet certain criteria, he would drop out of the race and endorse Fischer. Green wants Fischer to promise to limit the development of greenfields and put a higher priority on public transit. Failing that, Green says he wants Fischer to create a strong office of sustainability.

“Put real power in that office and let us elect the leadership of that office,” he says. “Us being the Jackie Green for mayor team.”

Green says he’s not specifically asking to lead the office, and he has not been offered a job. Green says Republican Hal Heiner’s campaign has said they want him in the race.

A spokesperson for Heiner says the negotiations with Green are a sign that Fischer is desperate to win votes. Recent polls have show Fischer either statistically tied with or slightly leading Heiner, with Green polling below three percent.

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Green's on the Ballot October 16, 2010 at 3:11 pm

Jackie’s name will still be on the ballot and I’m voting for him anyway. And I’m not the only one. In fact, maybe we all should. It’s obvious that if we don’t, the same people running the city will keep running it. Fischer joked himself last week that it’s “only a technicality” that he’s not mayor already.

What do we have to fear if Fischer is elected? More of the same:
When it floods in the West end, no ones going to clean it up. We won’t have money to keep up our TARC routes, but we’ll have money to build a world-class arena. We’ll have more deals with Cordish. We’ll continue to ignore our homeless population and our crime problems. When LG&E wants to raise rates, so what. When there’s a poisonous gas leak in Chickasaw- where’s Chickasaw?

Time to take off the rose-colored glasses folks and see Fischer for what he is. More of the same…Vote Jackie Green on November 2, 2010.

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