Mayoral Candidates Release Policy Books

Democratic mayoral candidate Greg Fischer and Republican candidate Hal Heiner both released comprehensive platform statements Thursday.

Each candidate’s policy book is a collection of new policies and plans that were unveiled earlier in the campaign. The books touch on education, openness in government and other Metro issues.

Fischer held a press conference at the Kentucky Center to thank the volunteers who helped draft his policies. He says some of the ideas, such as plans for island parks in the Ohio River and bus rapid transit won’t immediately come to fruition.

“We don’t have the money to pay for some of these right now, but the purpose of this project was to get people to think big so that people, when they think about Louisville, say it is a city with big ideas and we can think big and we can plan for the future,” he says.

Heiner released his policy book in an e-mail Thursday morning. It also includes plans for education, the city budget and job attraction.

Education has been the most talked-about topic lately. Heiner has called for an end to the Jefferson County Public Schools student assignment plan in favor of a new approach to education and school diversity. Fischer recently released an ad saying the assignment plan should be modified, but he would let the school board take the lead on any changes.

“What I’m saying is, I want to help,” says Fischer. “I want to help fix. I’ll bring the community together. That’s a very different position than my opponent, who is dividing the community with his approach.”

The mayor has no direct power over the school board. ¬†¬†Heiner has criticized Fischer for not being more open about education. To see both candidates’ platforms, visit slash Next Louisville.

To see both candidates’ platforms, visit The Edit.