Drive Through Flu Shot Clinic To Be Held Tuesday

By Sheila Ash

Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium will be the site of a drive through flu shot clinic Tuesday.

The shots are being offered by the University of Louisville Hospital.

This year, people will only need one shot to cover both the seasonal virus and H1N1. The cost of the vaccination is $25 and pre-payment and pre-registration are available online. Medicare payments can be handled on-site.

Linda Goss, the hospital’s director of Infection Prevention and Control, says there are other precautions people can take to avoid getting the flu.

“Wash your hands, number one. And number two, just in crowded situations where you know people are sick to avoid those if at all possible. Keep your home clean as far as if someone is sick to wipe down areas using some type of disinfectant in your home environment high touch surfaces certainly door knobs, sinks,” she said.

The clinic is only for those 18 and older. Also people at risk such as pregnant women and anyone over 50 should be vaccinated. The clinic will be open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.