Expiration Date Arrives For Lethal Injection Drug

by Tony McVeigh on October 1, 2010

As of today, October 1st, Kentucky lacks a key drug needed for lethal injections.  The state’s last dose of sodium thiopental has expired, and until a new supply of the barbiturate can be obtained, there can be no executions in the commonwealth. 

“We’ve been told by Hospira, which is the lone supplier of the drug, that they are experiencing manufacturing difficulties and that it would be the first quarter of next year at the earliest before it will be available,”
she said.

Jennifer Brislin of the Justice Cabinet says the state has reached out to other states for usable vials, but is finding scant supply.  The drug is part of the execution protocol in most of the 35 states with the death penalty. 

Two weeks ago, Kentucky was set to execute Death Row inmate Gregory Lee Wilson but a judicial stay prevented it.  To date, the stay remains in place.

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