Social Security

by Laura Ellis on September 7, 2010

Social Security is 75 years old this year. Do you think we’ve been debating its merits and longevity since the beginning? The push to privatize seems to have died down, but questions still linger as to how to keep social security solvent. But how many of us actually know how it works and how to have it work for us? Join the discussion on Wednesday when we’ll get an update on social security.

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John September 8, 2010 at 10:15 am

As one who has yet to reach 30, I fully expect that the contributions I pay through FICA into the Social Security system will be for naught in terms of funding my retirement. I contribute to my own retirement fund with the expectation that it will be all I have when I reach retirement age. Sadly, I see a large number of my peers saying that they aren’t worried about funding their own retirement fund, as they believe that the Federal government will take care of them.

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