Fischer And Heiner To Debate Wednesday

by Gabe Bullard on September 6, 2010

Mayoral candidates Greg Fischer and Hal Heiner will face each other in a debate this week.

On Wednesday, the two candidates will address a meeting of the Louisville Forum. They will take questions from the audience, and each other. Forum President Dot Ridings says most previous debates have been sponsored by single-issue organizations, and she’s anticipating a less narrow discussion.

“We do expect a broad range of issues from schools—even though the mayor, frankly has precious little to do with school policy, we’ll get some—it’ll be I think more about jobs, economic development, tolls, perhaps the arena. ‘What are you going to do about this?’ ‘What are you going to do about that?'” she says.

Fischer, a Democrat, and Heiner, the Republican nominee, were the only candidates invited to the debate. Ridings says it’s Forum policy not to invite candidates who poll at under 15% to a general election debate. That excludes independent candidate Jackie Green, who says he is disappointed with the exclusion.

“If it had been any closer than that, if any other candidate had made more than 15% of voter support in a recent, bona fide poll, we would have invited that person to participate,” says Ridings.

The debate is at noon and will be taped for broadcast on WFPL at 8 pm

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John Hartmann September 7, 2010 at 11:05 pm

You know, I like WFPL Radio. But I think patriotism should go beyond paying taxes and voting. Patriotism shouldn’t be just for individuals. Businesses have a stake in America too. If organizations like WFPL are going to really mean something in the future I think they ought to stand up for what is right and not participate by airing a debate that slights a candidate who has such great ideas and who the community deserves to hear. But, I guess my view is a little too radical and it gets in the way of making money. There is honor in doing the right thing. I was taught that. Corporate responsibility needs to happen and WFPL radio is acting irresponsibly. WFPL gains money and /or listeners for a night but by not standing up for your City you lose value in the eyes of at least this one listener.

Rick Howlett September 8, 2010 at 5:01 pm

Mr. Hartmann,
WFPL, a non-profit public radio station, does not gain financially from airing political debate such as this. We do it as a public service. It actually costs us more to produce these broadcasts. We have aired all the Forum’s mayoral debates dating back to the primary. It’s their policy to exclude general election candidates if their poll numbers don’t meet a certain threshold.

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