Williams And Farmer Make It Official

Ending weeks of speculation, Kentucky Senate President David Williams says he’s running for governor, and Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer is his running mate.

Senator Williams (pictured at top right) recently purchased a house in Frankfort’s historic district, and a large contingent of reporters crammed into the home’s parlor for the news conference. Williams says the state is adrift and in need of a positive, pro-job agenda.

“That will move this state forward and put us in competition with the other states, especially those states in the south that have been far more successful than we have been in creating jobs and making prosperity happen,” he said.

Richie Farmer says he wants to make Kentucky a better place for his family, and after talking it over with them, he decided “this is the right thing to do at this time.” Also running in next year’s Republican primary is Phil Moffett of Louisville. Gov. Beshear is seeking re-election on the Democratic ticket.