Fischer Unveils Jobs Plan

Democratic mayoral candidate Greg Fischer has unveiled a ten-point plan for creating jobs in Louisville, and Fischer’s competitors are criticizing the plan as either too vague, or self-contradictory.

Fischer’s plan calls for work to begin on new bridges and Museum Plaza to create construction jobs.

“The current plan calls for the East-End Bridge to start first and the Downtown Bridge follows that, I believe, by four years or so,” says Fischer. “The bridges project is an example of how we can get people to work immediately, just like the Museum Plaza project.”

The plan also focuses on improving local industries such as manufacturing, elderly care and urban agriculture. Fischer says those businesses should fuel the city’s economy.

“Any smart city will focus on its competitive, unique strengths,” he says. “We have plenty of those here in Louisville. Let’s feed those, let’s focus on those. That will be the quickest way for us to grow jobs.”

Republican candidate Hal Heiner’s campaign spokesperson says Fischer’s main points are political platitudes. Independent Jackie Green says Fischer has a few good ideas, but some of his environmental points contradict his job-creation plans. For more on the plan and reactions, visit The Edit.