Jackson Woods Renovations Underway

An affordable-housing development in Louisville’s Shelby Park and Smoketown neighborhoods is being renovated with help from private donors and the federal stimulus package.

The Jackson Woods apartments were built in 1972, but have needed repairs for several years. Officials Monday announced that a $7.7 million renovation project is in progress.

The New Directions Housing Corporation owns Jackson Woods. Director Joe Gliessner says the renovations will also be beneficial to the surrounding neighborhood.

“If they look good, people around them are going to make their houses look good,” he says. “Many times, people look at renters as being the least involved and the least caring, and we think as good stewards on behalf of the renters, we have a role to make these places the best they can be.”

Much of the money for the project comes from the federal government and the stimulus package. The rest comes from private sources. Gleissner says the project will be complete next June.