"No-Kill" Resolution To Be Introduced In Metro Council

A resolution calling for an end to all non-essential animal euthanasia will be introduced in the Metro Council Thursday.

The resolution is not binding, but encourages Metro Animal Services to work with outside organizations to increase animal adoptions and neutering, among other things. Co-sponsor Kelly Downard says the new policy would eventually save the city money and stop overcrowding in shelters.

“Heretofore we’ve always done it all ourselves, and while we’re waiting for adoptions, bad things happen to the animals,” he says. “So what this would do, we hope, is allow a much more cooperative effort with the rescue organizations, with the Kentucky Humane Society.”

Downard says MAS would collect less money in fees at first, but eventually the operating costs would go down. The resolution has bipartisan support, and Downard says it’s been endorsed by the No Kill Louisville group, of which MAS director Wayne Zelinksy is a member.