Grand Champion Ham Sells For $1.6 Million

The Kentucky State Fair grand champion country ham has again fetched a record price at a charity auction.

Republic Bank and Dr. Mark Lynn and Associates agreed to combine their top bids of $800,000 each for the 16 pound ham (displayed in photo by Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent), produced by Broadbent’s B and B Foods in western Kentucky.

Bank founder Bernard Trager (pictured at left) says the proceeds from his bid will benefit higher education, health care and other charities.

Lynn also announced three recipients for his bid.

“We have the University of Louisville, we have the vision impaired pre-school services, and the Eastern Area Community Ministries. don’t know exactly how it’s going to split out, we haven’t talked about it to be honest,” Lynn said just after the auction.

The sale was held Thursday morning following the annual Kentucky Farm Bureau ham breakfast at the state fair.